Actors being roasted by two professional violinists is hilariously brutal

3 January 2019, 16:45

The WORST Violin Movie Acting We've Ever Seen

The WORST Violin Movie Acting We've Ever Seen

Posted by Twoset Violin on Thursday, 3 January 2019

By Kyle Macdonald

They claim it's the worst violin acting they've ever seen on the big screen… and they break it down in detail, scene by scene.

“So many things wrong with just the first 8 seconds” – here's what happens when two professional violinists watch the mimed instrumental playing on a dubious looking movie called High Strung.

Twoset Violin have made their names with viral videos, YouTuber-style roasts and stage shows around the world. The two Australians can really play too.

But in their cross-hairs this time is the 2016 film 'High Strung' – a Drama/Romance about the lead-up to a violin competition. And the violin playing featured is… not exactly convincing.

We'll leave it to the virtuosic duo of Twoset Violin to describe the rest.