A Ukrainian and Russian pianist play a Mozart duet: ‘with music, you become connected’

15 March 2022, 17:14

Sasha Grynyuk and Roman Kosyakov play Mozart
Sasha Grynyuk and Roman Kosyakov play Mozart. Picture: Classic FM

By Kyle Macdonald

As their countries are at war, and as bombs fall, two musicians find togetherness in Mozart and music.

At a time when their countries are at war, two pianists played a Mozart duet.

Pianist Sasha Grynyuk was born in Kyiv, and Roman Kosyakov in Siberia. As their countries are in conflict and the human tragedies unfold, the pair – who had never played together before – wanted to find togetherness in music.

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At a grand piano, they played Mozart’s Andante and Five Variations in G, for piano four hands.

The footage was taken during a rehearsal last week, ahead of a fundraising concert in support of humanitarian work
with Ukraine’s victims and refugees. In the concert, Sasha, Roman and other musicians raised over £5,000 for Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

“When words fail, there is music left... music unites us,” said Belarusian pianist Maya Irgalina, who organised the concert.

Listen to the duet, and the moment of musical unity below.

A Ukrainian and Russian pianist play a Mozart duet

Classic FM spoke to Sasha and Roman as they prepared for the fundraiser. Both spoke of music as a force to diffuse conflict, and bring people together.

“Music is a strong weapon of humanity. It’s emotional and uniting,” Sasha said. “If you sit together and share music, either playing or in a concert, you become connected. And you won't then fight one another.

“All we can do is try to get together, get people together – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are,” Roman added. “You can speak any language, but the musical language is the only one that everyone will understand.”

You can support these musicians in their campaign and donate to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal here.