13-year-old violinist performs stunning Ludovico Einaudi duet with her mother

28 October 2021, 16:54

Karolina Protsenko performs Einaudi
Karolina Protsenko performs Einaudi. Picture: YouTube / Karolina Protsenko

By Kyle Macdonald

A family duo, a modern classic, and a moment of beautiful music on a quiet shopping street.

A duet to prove how musical talent can run in a family, and touch many along the way.

Over the last three years, young virtuoso Karolina Protsenko has been sharing her performances on YouTube. Her spirited string-filled renditions of classical favourites and pop songs have earned her upwards of 800 million views.

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This video sees the young violinist in her customary busking setting, but joined by her mother on piano. Together they perform an arrangement of Experience by composer-pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

And it was loved by passers-by and video viewers alike. Watch below.

Experience - Ludovico Einaudi - Violin Cover - Karolina Protsenko

“This song brings so much life into everything,” says one online viewer.

Karolina was born in Ukraine in 2008. When she was was 6 years old, her musical family moved to the United States, where she began violin lessons. Her father is a guitarist, and by the looks of her YouTube channel, her younger siblings have musical aspirations too!

She says she dreams of traveling the world, playing concerts, and making people happy with her music. What a wonderful thing, and all the best wishes to her and her whole family, living this musical dream!