A construction worker played his Native American flute on a building site… and the acoustic was amazing

12 August 2019, 14:29 | Updated: 12 August 2019, 18:18

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Just a video of an ironworker, playing a flute in an abandoned building site. The world needs more of this guy.

An ironworker from Minneapolis played his Native American flute in an empty construction site, and the acoustic sounded unbelievable.

The video, which was filmed on 1 May 2018, shows the flautist performing a complete improvisation with what he describes as some ‘epic reverb’.

The cameraperson explains: “I went to work early one day and brought my flute in to entertain the guys at lunch.

“[I] came upon this room and knew instantly I had to play.”

This is giving us major zen right now.