A superfan made a montage of 76 Disney characters singing in their native languages

5 July 2021, 16:04

76 Disney characters sing in their native languages
76 Disney characters sing in their native languages. Picture: Disney

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

If Disney characters sang in the native languages of their origin stories…

A Disney superfan has cut together 76 iconic characters singing their famous songs in the native languages of their original fairy tales and stories.

Snow White sings in German, harking back to the 19th-century German fairy story on which Disney based their animated film, while Scar from The Lion King serenades Africa’s Pride Lands in Zulu and Frozen’s Elsa sings her signature ballad in Norwegian.

Also included are Pinocchio singing in Italian, the characters of Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast crooning in French and Baloo and Mowgli from The Jungle Book singing in Hindi.

Plus, The Little Mermaid characters serenade us in Danish, while Mulan’s songs are in Mandarin and Moana sings to the seas in Maori.

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76 Disney Characters Singing in their Native Language

Not that we have preferences, but the French all sounds absolutely *chef’s kiss*.

Bravo to YouTuber Gregoth for a wonderful day’s year’s work.