Lizzo played the penny whistle in her live show and it’s important news

12 November 2019, 15:35

By Kyle Macdonald

The superstar rapper serenaded an adoring Dublin crowd with a James Horner melody, in a recent concert.

When it comes to Michigan-born singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist Lizzo, there's always lots to talk about.

Lizzo's music is riding high in the pop charts, her performances are rich in body-positivity and self-love, and (from a classical point of view) among the singing and dancing, a flute solo from the star is never far away.

Lizzo took up the flute at a young age and later majored in classical flute performance at Houston University. She plays solos on her songs and often features her beloved instrument in live shows.

There's even a suggestion that the star's use of the flute has led to a big increase in new people learning the instrument. The Flute Center of New York recently reported a 30-per-cent rise in beginner flute sales, in large part attributed to her influence.

However, it seems the chart-topper has added another woodwind instrument to her timbral trove. During her most recent concert in Dublin, Lizzo took out a penny whistle and serenaded the audience with James Horner’s melody for ‘My Heart Will Go On’, made famous by Canadian singer Celine Dion and the film Titanic.

The audience loved seeing the rap superstar showing off her tin whistle chops. And might we add, we're in awe of that vibrato.

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And in other woodwind-related Lizzo news, a few days ago she took to a music shop to take an alto saxophone for an impromptu spin.