Youth orchestra removed from shopping centre over noise complaints

17 December 2013, 09:19

The Robin Hood Youth Orchestra were told to leave a shopping centre in Nottingham after customers complained that their Christmas concert was too loud.

The orchestra were booked to play from 10am - 1pm, but were asked to leave the Victoria Centre at around 11am.

A spokesperson for the shopping centre told The Guardian: "We received a number of complaints about the noise levels in the centre on Saturday so unfortunately we had to ask the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra to finish its performance earlier than planned after two sets."

Head of Nottingham Music Service Ian Burton said that although the orchestra were told to leave, they managed to find another venue at short notice to complete their concert: "When our initial venue on Saturday (where we had a large, enthusiastic audience) cut our concert short it took us only a few moments to find another venue that was more than happy for us to perform."

Tony Burton, who's grandson is a member of the orchestra, added: "It's a bit disappointing for them when they're trying to do good, when there's so much bad around and they're told they can't do it."

The Victoria Centre have since asked the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra to return to the centre "to perform on a smaller scale."