This heroic page-turner rescued a whole concert with some nifty on-stage manoeuvres

9 February 2018, 12:10

This is how you deal with two page malfunctions inside one minute.

Ah, the humble page-turner.

Inconspicuous, silent, efficient. You are not part of the concert. You are merely a facilitator to the musicians.


Unless you’re Anna Reszniak

During a concert given by violinist Christian Tetzlaff and pianist Lars Vogt, page-turner Anna Reszniak (usually a violinist in the Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra) turned disaster into triumph when the musicians’ pages started flying around the stage.

Anna Reszniak


First, the violin music goes down

MUSIC DOWN! MUSIC DOWN! Look how quickly she sorts it out.


Then, the piano music is toast

THIS IS A NIGHTMARE. And it was Reszniak who knocked it down! From triumph to despair in a matter of moments! But she saves it like a pro.


Well done Anna. You are awesome.

You can turn our pages any time you like.


Nice playing by the way, lads. The video was posted to YouTube by Lars Vogt himself.

And if you’re around in Oxford on 10 February 2018, don't miss Lars’ concert with the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sheldonian Theatre. Find out more here!

Via Jessica Duchen