The perfect Spring flowers for classical music lovers

5 April 2023, 17:48

Add some Zing to your (Vivaldi) Spring
Add some Zing to your (Vivaldi) Spring. Picture: Zing Flowers
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Add a touch of Zing to Spring with these classical music-inspired flower bouquets...

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Classical composers have long been inspired by the joy and promise of spring, dedicating whole sonatas and symphonies to the season.

And Zing Flowers has the ideal range of flowers and gifts marrying the signature blooms of the season with classical music.

Perfect to gift to a fellow music lover, or to bring the joys of the new season into your home.

  1. Primadonna

    Primadonna. Picture: Zing Flowers

    Much like an opera house’s lead female singer, this gorgeous floral arrangement is showstopping.

    The Primadonna’s pastel spring hues, soft pink santini and fluffy pistache foliage, are juxtaposed with its central eye-catching yellow lilies.

    This stunning, lovingly arranged bouquet will make the perfect something special for the leading lady in your life.

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  2. Allegra

    Allegra. Picture: Zing Flowers

    The Allegra is whimsical and fresh, perfect for those fond of lively and cheerful music, often indicated by an ‘allegro’ tempo marking in a score.

    Mixing delicate yellow roses, cerise germini and striking eryngium, the bouquet is playful, contrasting and intriguing.

    It is sure to evoke the same bright, giddy, lively feelings of allegro whenever you walk by.

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  3. The Letterbox Spring Waltz

    The Letterbox Spring Waltz
    The Letterbox Spring Waltz. Picture: Zing Flowers

    A bold, primary-coloured mix of roses, santini, carnations and irises, The Letterbox Spring Waltz is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face and bring new life into any space.

    The swoops and ruffles on these delicate petals inspired the bouquet’s name, as they are reminiscent of the elegant spins and twirls of the waltz and its beautiful gowns.

    Order The Letterbox Spring Waltz here >

  4. Letterbox Spring Classics

    Letterbox Spring Classics
    Letterbox Spring Classics. Picture: Zing Flowers

    Beethoven’s ‘Spring’ Sonata, Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ from The Four Seasons and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ are just some of classical music’s own standout spring pieces which have become synonymous with the season.

    When it comes to flowers, nothing says spring like daffodils and tulips. In Zing’s Letterbox Spring Classics bouquet, these signature blooms are paired with violet irises and blue hyacinths. An ode to leisurely woodland walks in the spring sun.

    The perfect celebration for this time of year.

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