Six-year-old prodigy plays beautiful Chopin waltz on airport piano

12 August 2022, 20:01 | Updated: 16 January 2023, 18:05

Young pianist plays Chopin at Milan Airport
Young pianist plays Chopin at Milan Airport. Picture: YouTube / Riccardo Meola

By Kyle Macdonald

An Italian airport, a piano, a Chopin Waltz, and a glimpse of an incredible young talent.

Most of us charge through airports in a stress – overpriced coffee in one hand, a pile of passports, boarding cards and passes in the other.

But what if you stumbled upon a beautiful Chopin miniature, on a grand piano, played impeccably by someone who would soon be tucking into the kids menu on your flight?

Martina Meola is an exceptional piano prodigy with the world before her. And on this day she gave fellow travellers an unforgettable performance on a piano situated in Bergamo Milan Airport, Italy.

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In 2019, when she was aged just six, this inspiring footage was captured. The young prodigy playing an effortless Chopin Waltz in A minor in the busy North Italy airport.

With baggage scattered around, travellers marvel at the virtuosic yet serene performance from the young player. You can hear the flow of the music and the care in the phrasing, which indicates a musicality beyond her years.

Watch the incredible performance below:

Martina Meola

In Spring 2022, Martina was a finalist in Romania’s Got Talent, after playing piano blindfolded. It was a performance that earned her the coveted ‘Golden Buzzer’.

And in the last few months, a nine-year-old Martina was admitted to continue her musical studies at Milan Conservatory, and was given an exception from the institution's age regulations due to her talent and musical potential.

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What a talent, and truly one to watch – in airport lounges AND concert halls in years to come. Brava, Martina!