The most excruciating classical wedding music fails

3 June 2014, 15:02 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

Jazzy Pachelbel as you walk down the aisle, inexplicably ruined hymns, and ear-splitting organ fails? Here's what happens when choosing the music for your big day doesn't go entirely to plan.

1. Patriotic hymn gets lost in translation

Unless you want this Jerusalem-ruining organist to get a very literal shot across the bows, don't take the lyrics of this hymn too literally. Probably best to hold off on bringing burning weapons of any sort until this joker's had a few more hours to practise.


2. Over-zealous improvisation ruins recessional

With place settings, colour schemes and flower arrangements to organise, no one expected 30 seconds of badly timed organ improvisation to tip the chief bridesmaid completely over the edge.


3. Mendelssohn massacre mars marriage

You had one job, organist. No amount of clapping from the congregation will cover up this diabolical rendition of, oh, only the MOST FAMOUS WEDDING MARCH IN HISTORY.


4. Unusual sci-fi sends bride into orbit

Marriage: the final frontier. After a soundtrack mix-up, this enterprising DJ decided to boldly go where no wedding performer has gone before… the 'Star Trek' section of his CD wallet. (Skip to 8:20 for full Trekky wedding-ruining glory)


5. Snoring cellist ruins (and then improves) Pachelbel

If you can't help falling asleep in Pachelbel's Canon (we wouldn't blame you, cellists), there's only one thing to do to avoid a spectacular wedding fail: clone yourself three times, throw down your bow, and enjoy a spot of flawless improvisation with your plucky doppelgängers. Good luck with that.