Some genius made a working grand piano, made entirely of LEGO

15 November 2018, 16:59

By Kyle Macdonald

Your next Scarlatti recital could be on a concert grand made entirely of LEGO. This looks incredible.

LEGO creator SleepyCow has used a few pieces of our favourite building blocks to create something beautifully intricate and elegant: a grand piano.

The instrument was built using 2798 authentic LEGO bricks, and it features a keyboard with 25 independent working keys, strings, dampers and pedals. Great for playing *LEGO-arto*. Ahem.

The design is finished with some elegant casing that looks right out of a Steinway workshop, a lid that can be opened at either half or full stick, and an adjustable piano stool. Amazing detail.

This is my LEGO MOC, please support me at to make it become an official LEGO set =]

Posted by Donny Chen on Friday, 19 October 2018

The design has been submitted to LEGO Ideas, where creators can share their designs and gather supporters from the LEGO community. You can take a look and sign up to support it here.