Beatles music: classical cover version fails

Sometimes classical musicians' versions of Beatles songs get it right - as in this week's Drive Featured Album from the Wihan Quartet. Other times? Well, listen for yourself...

1 Yesterday for solo tuba...
Touching, lyrical, heartrending - there are so many words to describe this classic Beatles number. None of them apply here.

2 ...and for recorder duo
Twin brothers Tarquin and Nathaniel take time out from their environmental campaigning to stretch the recorder to its full melodic potential - and so much more. 

3 Hey Jude for church organ
This version of one of rock's most stirring anthems starts out sounding like atmospheric music for a funeral parlour before this 'Hey Dude' lets rip with full Phantom of the Opera pyrotechnics.

4 Here Comes the Sun for french horn
Steve Harley had a top ten hit in 1976 with one of George Harrison's finest tunes. This 14-second horn version may not do quite so well. 

Because for percussion ensemble
John Lennon actually based this Abbey Road song on the chords of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata played backwards. This percussion version sounds more like a combination of music from Bagpuss, Amelie and gastric rumblings. 

Eleanor Rigby for six violas
One of the most haunting of Beatles tunes, arranged for viola sextet and played by identical sextuplets wearing the same outfit - although one of them mysteriously experiences a power cut part way through. 

7 Let it Be for violin and cello
You have to hand it to these two kids - 10 out of 10 for musicianship, and sheer nerdy enthusiasm. Next time though lads, take it out of the dentist's waiting room and onto the streets.

8 Beatles medley for trombone ensemble
Never before in human history have so many trombonists met each other and tried to have such fun with When I'm Sixty Four, Something and, er, Yesterday again.