A tiny, 4-inch violin leaves Spain’s Got Talent viewers spellbound

15 November 2021, 17:26

Esta artista y su MINI VIOLÍN deja al jurado MUDO | Audiciones 4 | Got Talent España 7 (2021)

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

We’re always here for the tiny violin memes. But this woman has taken it to the next level with a masterly, minuscule musical performance...

Bavarian luthier, Maria Sandner, appeared on the fourth week of Got Talent España to play a very special violin of her own creation.

The minuscule musical instrument caused laughter and applause throughout the auditorium as she hilariously took a tiny sized violin case out of a normal sized violin case.

Her subsequent performance of Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love stunned the room into a silence before bringing the entire venue to cheers, and song, as the audience recognised the tune.

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Violin maker made perfect miniature violins over lockdown

Maria’s miniature violins have been a hit across social media, with a Classic FM Facebook video of her craft during lockdown hitting over two million views.

She has been a professional violin maker since 1996, originally learning the trade from her luthier father, and now runs her own workshop in Wallgau, Germany.

Her journey to focusing on tiny violins began in lockdown, and on her website she describes the unusual craft as the “[fulfilment of] a long-awaited dream”.

While she admits the miniature violins are not made to be played, she was asked to come and perform on the Spanish television show, and having overcome her stage fright to perform, she joyously admitted on Instagram after the show viewed that it was the “craziest thing I’ve done in my life” and “it was a huge amount of fun!!!”.