Folk violinist serenades packed Ryanair flight in spontaneous jig

1 February 2024, 16:22

Sean Magee plays on his Ryanair flight
Sean Magee plays on his Ryanair flight. Picture: SWNS

By Ally Dunavant

Watch the amazing moment a folk musician burst into song on board a Ryanair flight, delighting a cabin full of travellers.

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A plane full of passengers unexpectedly became a lively Irish pub, thanks to some travelling musicians with joyous music to share.

On a flight from Belfast to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, an Irish folk musician was suddenly struck with inspiration. Much to the surprise of everyone else on the plane, he pulled out his violin and began to play.

The flight fiddler, Sam Magee was accompanied by fellow musicians Nathan Carter and Matthew Crampsey. The trio are currently among of the biggest names in Irish folk music today. Together they performed the folk tune ‘Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal’.

What better place to rehearse for a gig at their destination than right on board the plane taking them there? Watch the joy unfold below.

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Fiddler entertains passengers on Ryanair flight

Fellow passengers were smiling, laughing and clapping along, pleased to have some unconventional in-flight entertainment.

One of the passengers a couple rows back was so moved by the performance that she stood up and joined in, performing a traditional jig in a Riverdance style.

The mid-air troupe brought a whole new meaning to a travelling band of musicians…

A passenger joins in the fiddler's performance, performing a Riverdance in the aisle
A passenger joins in the fiddler's performance, performing a Riverdance in the aisle. Picture: SWNS Media Group

Sean had paid to have an extra seat for his fiddle, so he didn’t have to leave it in the hold, or – any instrumentalist’s nightmare – the overhead bin. A decision that would soon pay off, for everyone on the flight with him.

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The footage was recorded by Danny Walters, who was setting off on a holiday with his wife.

“We got on the plane and the boys were sitting behind us,” said Danny. “About an hour or so in, we heard someone say ‘guys, give us me fiddle over!’.

“I just happened to be sitting in front, so once I saw the fiddle come out, I brought out my camera… everybody loved it! I think it really shortened the flight for us all.”

Danny even caught up with the musician during their holiday on the island, when the couple decided to stop by one of Sean’s gigs there.

The spontaneous performance proves once more that there is no limit to where or when music can get your spirits soaring – or, in this case, those of an entire plane.