This violinist plays concerts for kittens and it's adorable

19 August 2018, 20:41

By Kyle Macdonald

Do you want to see a classical concert for tiny felines? Of course you do.

We like to think the greatest classical music is for everyone - including your pets. Many people like to leave Classic FM playing at home to keep their furry companions calm and entertained during the day, but this violinist takes it to the next level.

In these videos violinist and Instagram star Esther Abrami serenades a youthful feline audience with Lalo and Mendelssohn at a cat shelter in the south of France. Just LOOK at them.

Some of these kittens were found in a bag at the side of a motorway. Thanks to La Felinem Myreuillaise they're being looked after. You can help support the work of this shelter via their crowdfunder here.