A young pianist wrote his teacher this thank you card, and it’s achingly beautiful

27 October 2020, 19:40

By Kyle Macdonald

A young pupil wrote a lovely message to his teacher, and we think the sentiment is so true.

Many of us have had that special teacher at a time in our life – one who planted a creative or intellectual seed that grew to become a life-giving passion.

The world is full of incredible, talented, patient and generous music teachers. It’s a tough job a lot of the time, but it’s also a vocation that so many are drawn to – and here’s a message that might just capture why so many choose to apply their talents as a teacher of music.

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A young pianist (and, indeed, artist) by the name of Dante put pen to paper in this card in appreciation of his teacher, Larisa Suknov. Here’s the message, in its full heart-aching glory. We may never recover....

Card for teacher Larisa Suknov
Card for teacher Larisa Suknov. Picture: Instagram / Larisa Suknov

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“Dear Ms. Larissa, this story is for you,” the young musician writes. “Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Dante. He dreamed to play the piano. He found a great teacher, her name was Ms. Larissa. Dante went on to play the piano for his whole life, and he loved it. He will never forget his first teacher.”

“I love you,” he concludes his message, “Dante.”

And we all will never forget your beautiful story and message, Dante. Jolly good work on the teacher’s part, too.

The young pianist’s message from the heart reminds us of the power of music to transform and enrich lives, and inspire young minds.

Larisa Suknov is a pianist, composer and music educator who has published music for young pianists. You can also follow her on Instagram.