Mother proves point by picking up her daughter’s cello and playing it as a violin

26 October 2020, 17:48 | Updated: 26 October 2020, 17:58

Min Lee cello lesson
Min Lee cello lesson. Picture: Instagram / Min Lee

By Kyle Macdonald

Good teachers lead by example, and there’s always a way, even if you don’t actually play the instrument...

Never try to outsmart your teacher, is the lesson here. And, as this little vignette proves, especially when that teacher is also your mother.

Explaining the pedagogical sequence that led her to put a cello under her chin, Min Lee said that she wanted to demonstrate the importance of playing with a straight bow to her talented pupil and daughter.

“We'd been arguing over playing with a straight bow for a few days. She said, ‘Fine! You show me!’”

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And with Min being not a cellist, her daughter thought she had called her mother’s musical bluff. She could not show her, could she?

But instead, the teacher took her daughter’s 1/10-size instrument and played it the way most known to her: as a violin. She played the melody Somewhere Over the Rainbow with a rich tone and, we note, a perfectly straight bow. Point very well made, mum.

Violinist Min Lee's cello

Her daughter was clearly a bit annoyed about the turn of events: “I’m not looking at mummy,” she repeats with half-covered eyes.

Thank you to the adventurous mummy maestro, and to her enquiring daughter, for making us laugh. Let’s just hope she doesn't switch to double bass.

Min Lee always has lots of inspiring content on her Instagram page, featuring the adventures of her musical family. Do give her a follow.