Grandparents perform a beautiful piano duet of 'Up' theme on their 60th anniversary

27 August 2020, 13:07 | Updated: 27 August 2020, 13:22

Grandparents perform ‘Up’ theme on a piano for their 60th anniversary
Grandparents perform ‘Up’ theme on a piano for their 60th anniversary. Picture: Disney / Jason Lyle Black

By Sian Moore

The real life ‘Up’ couple. Our hearts can’t take it.

The first few chords of Michael Giacchino’s Up theme are enough to make anyone’s heart swell.

Which is probably why ‘Married Life’ – the piece which soundtracks the emotional introduction to Carl and Ellie’s whole relationship, at the beginning of the film – was the perfect piano duet for this elderly couple’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Sitting beside one another at a Steinway, the 80-year-old grandparents commemorated their long-lasting love by performing the heartwarming piece.

We recommend grabbing some tissues before you watch.

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Pixar's “UP” in Real Life: 80-Year-Old Grandparents Celebrate Anniversary with Adorable Piano Duet

As the final chords of the piece are played, Grandma rests her head on Grandpa’s shoulder with an expression of sheer contentment. We’re not crying you are.

The sweet couple have played piano duets since they were first married, the video description tells us.

The arrangement was written for them by their grandson, pianist Jason Lyle Black, who shared the performance to his YouTube channel.

If a video could reach out its arms and give you a big cuddle, we reckon it would be this one.