This pianist can text, play chess and lift weights at the same time as playing virtuosic Chopin

11 March 2019, 17:21

"This idea came to me when I was practising this ferocious piece for left-hand-solo, and texting my friend with the right..."

While practising the extremely demanding Godowsky arrangement of Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude Op. 10 No. 12 for left-hand solo piano, pianist Arsha Kaviani was texting his friend.

He then realised playing with only one hand opened up a whole new world of possibilities. 

In his video, titled 'The Practical Benefits of Using One Hand to Play the Piano Forte' and made with friends Charlie (starring as Angus the Butler) and Julian (camera), Arsha signs off some pesky gas bills, indulges in a game of chess, lifts some weights, has a quick bite to eat and of course takes the time to look at some cute pictures of kittens.

Very impressive (but might we suggest picking a less grainy filter next time...!).

Arsha Kaviani is considered to be one of the 30-under-30 best pianists in the world.