Hear a colossal 80-inch symphonic gong that sounds straight out of a horror movie

4 February 2021, 14:02

Man plays a mighty 80-inch symphonic gong
Man plays a mighty 80-inch symphonic gong. Picture: Wind Chimes Australia

By Sian Moore

When this symphonic gong is struck, chills are felt down spines across the globe.

The sight of a towering 80-inch gong and its hefty mallet can be quite intimidating in itself.

But the sound of the colossal percussion instrument being struck? Well, it’s enough to cover even the most seasoned horror film fan in goosebumps.

When Paiste Gong master, Sven, touches mallet to gong, the noise that follows sounds utterly of another world (hear it below – and skip to 1:20 for the really creepy stuff).

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Unsurprisingly, the Internet is just as captivated with the video as we are.

“You could score an entire horror movie with that thing,” one YouTube user noted.

Another said what many of us were probably thinking... “This is really frustrating without a big smash as a finale.”

Well, if you’re interested in serenading the neighbours with this colossal instrument, it could be yours for just... £21,399.

The sound of the world ending doesn’t come cheap, guys.