Ladies in Lavender - Nigel Hess' finest work?

Joshua Bell's exquisite violin sits beside classics such as the ‘Meditation’ from Massenet’s Thaïs in this brilliant soundtrack

Composer: Nigel Hess
Repertoire: Ladies In Lavender
Artists: Joshua Bell
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Soundtrack
Label: Sony Classical SK 92689

An exquisite weave of warm, pastoral, violin-based music from Nigel Hess (An Ideal Husband) alongside classics such as the ‘Meditation’ from Massenet’s Thaïs and Sarasate’s Tarantella, this is that rare thing: a dud-free score that requires no prior knowledge of the film for enjoyment. Joshua Bell’s violin sings and swoops through a whole gamut of emotions masked beneath a genteel exterior –  A Broken Heart an expertly understated study in stiff-upper-lipped sorrow.