Harp given an exhilarating modern twist

Lavinia Meijer ditches traditional harp music for modern favourites from the likes of Britten with electrifying results

Composer: Britten, Byrnes, et al.
Repertoire: Music for Harp
Artists: Lavinia Meijer (harp)
Rating:  5/5
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Channel Classics CCS SA 29709 

In an effort to widen their instrument’s appeal, some harpists opt for popular transcriptions. But not Lavinia Meijer.  She’s no less passionate about her instrument, but she’s chosen to update those traditional, romantic associations using modern music. The result is startling, challenging and exhilarating. Banishing preconceptions, this recital is most compelling when she plays music by composers she knows – notably Byrnes’s Visions in Twilight. Throughout, hear her sense of fun – just listen to Bugs – her virtuosity and her impeccable technique. She’s up for the excitement of the new and, surprisingly, so is this most underestimated of instruments.