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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Mozart symphonies: where to start

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

whistling queen of the night aria

This guy perfectly WHISTLES Mozart's fiendishly difficult Queen of the Night Aria

Case Notes Mozart's Requiem

Deceit, murder and a masked man – the true story behind Mozart’s Requiem

New releases 12th March 2018

New Releases: Mozart's Violin Concertos performed by Nikolaj Znaider and Brahms' Piano Concertos played by Adam Laloum

Did Beethoven meet Mozart

Did Beethoven meet Mozart?

operas for musical fans

10 operas you need in your life if you’re a die-hard musicals fan

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The 9 most beautiful love letters from the great composers

Mozart vs Tchaikovsky quiz

Quiz: Are you more like Mozart or Tchaikovsky?

Ultimate Mozart quiz

This is the hardest Mozart quiz ever written

Mozart or Drake?

Quiz: Are you more like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Drake?

Magic flute 31 flutes

This old dude playing The Magic Flute on 31 flutes is genuinely impressive

Britney painting to Mozart

Britney Spears painting to Mozart is one of life’s purest joys

Louise Alder

‘It’s really important to create your support network very early on’ – advice from a rising star

Queen of the Night animals

5 animals who can sing Mozart's Queen of the Night aria much better than you

New releases 18th September

New Releases: The debut album from The Ayoub Sisters and Noa Wildschut plays Mozart

New Releases 4th September

New Releases: 'Pavarotti: The People's Tenor' and Jean-Efflam Bavouzet plays Mozart