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Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

Mozart concerto

Mozart filled this score with brutal and hilarious insults to the soloist

Ulm University

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An orchestra played a Mozart symphony in the tallest building in Europe and it was breathtaking


The 7 best pieces EVER written for the viola

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This gorgeous wind-up music box can play Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’

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How to get a baby to sleep – with the help of some relaxing classical music

Il Paradiso di Frassina vineyard uses Mozart's music to help them grow grapes

Grapes grow faster when they listen to Mozart, say Italian winemakers

Marriage of Figaro on saxophones

Pure joy: The Marriage of Figaro, but it’s arranged for a saxophone sextet

Mozart's middle name wasn't really Amadeus

Did you know Mozart’s middle name isn’t really Amadeus?

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People who 'Like' Mozart on Facebook are more likely to have a high IQ

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What if Wagner had written Happy Birthday – or Verdi, Debussy or Tchaikovsky?

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Watch: modern opera stars recorded their voice onto wax cylinders

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Eine kleine Nachtmusik, but played in six completely different musical styles

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10 incredible photos of composers’ original pianos

Opera calls for 200 naked women for a #MeToo production of Don Giovanni

Opera calls for 200 naked women for a #MeToo production of Don Giovanni

London Mozart Players

A top orchestra just played a Mozart concerto on a public piano in a London railway station