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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Mozart symphonies: where to start

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

mozart drums

Someone added a drum part to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto and it is surprisingly awesome

Album reviews 28 October

Album reviews and new releases: Mozart's hit singles and Bargain Boxes

Spookiest pieces square

These are the scariest pieces of music ever written

Mozart Myth busting

Did you know that Mozart only wrote about 50% of his Requiem?

mozart theremin

Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria on Theremin sounds thoroughly weird

Melodica Men Mozart

Virtuosic Mozart impeccably played on melodicas is just perfect

Andrew Wojo bassoon helium

Mozart's Bassoon Concerto played with helium sounds wonderfully terrible

Christopher Purves

‘There are an awful lot of people in this world who abuse power like Don Giovanni. Look at Brexit’

oldest ever opera recording

This is the oldest known recording of an opera singer, and it’s incredibly interesting

Mozart Myth busting

Is Mozart really buried in a pauper’s grave?

Mozart clarinet helium

What happens when you inhale helium and play Mozart's Clarinet Concerto?

Album Reviews 9/9

Album reviews and new releases: Alice in Wonderland, cinematic piano, and stylish Mozart concertos

Mozart The man Revealed Suchet

Mozart - The Man Revealed with John Suchet

Stalin Maria Yudina

One amazing pianist dared to criticise Joseph Stalin – and remarkably lived to tell the tale

mozart's first composition

This is the first piece that Mozart ever wrote… when he was FIVE years old

Mozart flute duet

These two music students played a duet for flute and piano… but not in the way you expect