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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Mozart symphonies: where to start

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

Piotr Beczala recording on antique equipment

Watch: modern opera stars recorded their voice onto wax cylinders

'Eine kleine Nachtmusik', but it's played in six different musical styles

Eine kleine Nachtmusik, but played in six completely different musical styles

Composers' pianos

10 incredible photos of composers’ original pianos

Opera calls for 200 naked women for a #MeToo production of Don Giovanni

Opera calls for 200 naked women for a #MeToo production of Don Giovanni

London Mozart Players

A top orchestra just played a Mozart concerto on a public piano in a London railway station

Menahem Pressler

Watch the amazing moment 90-year-old Menahem Pressler made his DEBUT with the Berlin Philharmonic

Mozart bluegrass

Mozart’s ‘Rondo alla Turca’, but bluegrass-style and on a BANJO


Watch what happens in this amazing Mozart-Bruno Mars medley

Mozart's Piano

Listen to Mozart played on Mozart’s VERY OWN piano

Listening to Mozart could offer a low-cost therapy for epileptic children

Mozart could prevent fits in epileptic children, says new study

Gabrie Yared

‘I would have loved someone to tell me they were confident in my talent’: Gabriel Yared, composer of The English Patient

Favourite symphony

Quiz: Can we guess your favourite symphony in just NINE questions?

Unborn babies prefer Mozart to Adele, say doctors

Doctors say: Play babies Mozart in the womb, not Adele

whistling queen of the night aria

This guy perfectly WHISTLES Mozart's fiendishly difficult Queen of the Night Aria

Queen of the Night aria lyrics

What are the lyrics to the ‘Queen of the Night’ aria?

Classical music for beginners

The best classical music for beginners