Mozart's new chocolate cream liqueur announced

2 September 2013, 11:44

A new chocolate cream liqueuer called Mozart R.G. Chocolate Cream is to be launched in October by the Mozart Distillery.

The new liqueur, which celebrates the Salzburg-based distillery's 60th birthday, features unique flavours made up from Belgian chocolate, Forastero and Trinitario cocoa from Ghana, Madagascan vanilla, cream, cocoa butter and alcohol.

The distillery have described the liqueur, which has an ABV percentage of 17%, as "A true 'Meisterstück', a master-piece of which the team of Mozart Distillerie is particularly proud."

Master distiller and Master Chocolatier Dietmar Fadinger has pioneered a unique cocoa maceration process where "a unique cocoa macerate is refined in Bourbon oak casks for a minimum period of half a year."

The new drink comes attractively packaged in a pink bottle, and will retail at around €27.99 per 700ml bottle. We'd recommend enjoying it with Mozart masterpieces like Eine Kleine Nightcap and Don Gio-vino.