Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 11 in F

One of Mozart's lesser known piano concertos, no. 11, is still very much worthy or your attention.

When it comes to Mozart Piano Concertos, there are some that are definitely more popular than others. The big hitters, as it were, tend to dominate. But No. 11, though it's not usually one of the more performed and recorded, certainly deserves a place a little higher up in the nation's hearts.

There are anomalies about the concerto that make it interesting, such as the rather unusual 3/4 time signature in the first movement (not something Mozart made a habit of - he only did twice more), but at the centre of it all is a typically ingenious collection of nagging, addictive melodies.

Mozart decamped to Vienna to compose it, and it came to be the first complete concerto he wrote especially for a series of concerts in the city, which in turn was to become a hugely important city for the young composer.