Eine kleine Nachtmusik, but played in six completely different musical styles

3 October 2018, 09:20

By Kyle Macdonald

A little night music, to prove that music has no borders or stylistic boundaries.

A new arrangement of Mozart's famous work, by violinist Florian Willeitner, shows just how easily music can cross cultural and regional boundaries. And it sounds great fun too.

Florian's version of Eine kleine Nachtmusik begins in the composer's Austrian classical style, before journeying through other musical styles and genres.

Violinist Florian and cellist Ivan Turkalj then take the music through folk music styles including Irish, Spanish, Arabic (using quartertone tuning), Turkish, Balkan/Bulgarian and African styles before ending classically, as the music began. The beginning and end are Mozart's original.

Florian said: “I wrote ‘Mozart in the shape of Europe’ for the EU summit of the 28 European leaders on September 20th in Salzburg.”

The duo filmed the piece in the city where the European leaders were meeting:

“This is what music is about,” said Florian. “Diversity. Humanity. Integrity. This is Europe.”

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