Laid-back Einaudi's engaging live recording

Ludovico Einaudi's devotees will love this double CD of live recording of the Italiani's Royal Albert Hall concert from 2010

Composer: Einaudi 
Repertoire: The Royal Albert Hall Concert 
Artists: Ludovico Einaudi (pf)
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Instrumental 
Label: Ponderosa CD0709

The Music A double CD live recording of the Italian virtuoso’s 2010 concert in London - half of which showcased otherworldly recent work/album Nightbook, and the other half pieces culled largely from just two of the albums he’s released this millennium. His John Lewis ad music (Le Onde) isn’t among them – this is no greatest hits tour. 

The Performance You can see the whole thing for yourself on the accompanying DVD – and it’s immediately apparent how easy Einaudi finds the whole music-making process. Slouching, with fingers sliding freely up and down the Steinway’s keyboard, he looks as relaxed as someone sitting down for a little leisurely after-dinner improv. Rhythm seems to flow through him – he bobs his head in the more propulsive numbers, resembling a pop/jazz musician rather than a classical one. His fellow players – on strings, electric guitar and electronica – are superb and, justly, given plenty of room to shine. 

The Verdict Einaudi devotees will lap up the visual content – not only is the DVD nicely shot, but Einaudi himself is also pleasantly watchable. Everyone else is advised to invest in the studio versions of the works played here… 

Want More? That’ll be Nightbook (Ponderosa CD 068) I Giorni (Sony 74321 88795-2) and Divenire (Decca 475 81024).