Nicola Benedetti’s viral violin concerto

13 August 2012, 14:15

If you haven't heard many compositions by Erich Korngold, you soon will, thanks to Nicola Benedetti's new album of film music.

Nicola Benedetti’s new album features some violin movie music classics, including the theme from Schindler’s List by John Williams, but the focal point of the recording is the Violin Concerto by stage and screen composer Erich Korngold. She’s hoping her new release will propel the concerto further into the limelight.

Nicola is a big fan of the piece, so much so that she’s chosen to base the entire programme around it. In the past few years, Korngold’s concerto has gone from being ignored to being a firm favourite among violinists – hundreds of recordings have sprung up on YouTube.

The album also includes the ‘Romance’ from The Gadfly by Shostakovich, and Mahler’s Piano Quartet in A minor, alongside other film music classics.

“Some of the things that I’m deciding to do may be more risky, but I think that risk is absolutely worth it,” she said.

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