F1 champion Lewis Hamilton casually jammed with Lang Lang on piano

25 February 2020, 15:25 | Updated: 25 February 2020, 16:17

By Kyle Macdonald

The Formula One driver swapped accelerator for sustain pedal in an impromptu jam session with one of the world’s finest pianists in Paris.

The worlds of motorsport and music collided, as six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton joined Chinese pianist Lang Lang to share a moment of music together.

When he's out of his Mercedes Formula One car, Hamilton is clearly a keen amateur pianist. The pair met in Paris, where they both played, the 35-year-old sports star getting some tips from the high-flying virtuoso.

In the video (watch below), Hamilton plays a solo piano arrangement of Adele's 2011 hit, 'Someone Like You'. Nodding his head as he listens, Lang Lang offers encouragement and plays along with some of the arpeggiated chords.

"Wonderful", he commented on the clip shared on the sports star's Instagram page.

Lang Lang then returns the musical gestures, playing the opening movement to Beethoven's 'Moonlight' piano sonata. The pair talk about the structure of melody and harmony in Beethoven's famously evocative piece.

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"I tried to learn this," says Hamilton.

"This should be your second piece to learn", says Lang Lang, with a tip about isolating the composer's melody line first and then adding in the harmony.

We reckon the F1 star's piano playing sounded fantastic, and Lang Lang is always such a wonderful, encouraging presence. Bravo to both stars!