A wedding, two listeners and Andrea Bocelli

We’re sure that Andrea Bocelli has soundtracked many a romantic moment during his career. The latest involves two of our listeners, the lucky winners of our trip to see Bocelli at his recent concert at New York’s Central Park.

Having braved the rain to enjoy Bocelli’s landmark concert, and clearly inspired by the tenor’s many romantic numbers, listeners Samantha and Gus took some time to enjoy the sights of New York:

“After a very long day of seeing as many sights in New York as possible”, said Samantha, “we opted for the 'Top of the Rock' Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Centre to get the best views of New York at night. Once we were at the very top on the 70th floor, as a beautifully lit up New York took our breath away, my boyfriend asked me to marry him.

“I was very surprised as although we had talked about getting married, after eight years together I wasn't sure I was ever going to be asked! Thank you for making the trip to New York possible, we will certainly never forget it”.

To see some wonderful pictures of the concert that prompted the proposal, take a peek below.