Andrea Bocelli slams 'abuse of music' - and his critics' 'mental laziness'

29 May 2014, 12:17 | Updated: 2 June 2014, 13:39

Exclusive: the multi-platinum-selling singer invited Classic FM into his Italian home, where he talked about football, the joy of silence and treated us to a flute performance ahead of his UK tour.

Lifelong music lover Bocelli has responded to critics who disapprove of his wide-ranging repertoire. Speaking to Classic FM's Lucy Coward at his Italian home, the singer explained how he seeks to bring his passion to as many people as possible in whatever way he can, taking on a range of styles and a huge breadth of musical styles - whatever anyone else says.

Exclusive gallery: at home with Bocelli and his dog

"It's not important what you sing but how you sing it and what you feel while you're singing it," he said about singers who perform pop music despite being operatically trained.


Andrea Bocelli on the abuse of music

Despite making his living through performance, Bocelli also spoke passionately about how the world's over-exposure to music can create a form of musical "indigestion", where the art form loses its meaning.

"Nowadays people go to the theatre, and they are not as hungry for music as they used to be. They've had a sort of indigestion," he said. "Music is everywhere. If it is abused, it can be detrimental."



Andrea Bocelli on his new album and repertoire

As well as offering insights into his technique and singing style, Bocelli revealed his plans to record with Plácido Domingo and Zubin Mehta, and hit out at other singers who are less dedicated to their art.

"Some singers are happy to sing with an imperfect technique," he said. "Luckily, I had the patience and the will to improve myself."


Andrea Bocelli on sport, music and the World Cup

With the 2014 World Cup on the horizon for football fans around the world, Bocelli shared his thoughts on the links between the beautiful game and classical music - and revealed his predictions for the England v Italy match.



Andrea Bocelli performs on the flute

Not content with being a world-famous singer, Bocelli is also a keen flautist - and treated us to a charming impromptu performance of the Entr'acte from Bizet's Carmen.