Bocelli training like athlete for tour

In an exclusive interview with Classic FM, the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli has revealed he's been training like an athlete ahead of his latest tour, which begins in London on Friday.

"My preparation is rather like that of an athlete. I have to look after myself and take care not to`treat' myself. Obviously I do my singing practice on a daily basis, and also make sure I rest enough."

During his tour Bocelli will be performing in some of the biggest venues in the world - including the O2 Arena, London, this Friday and the MEN Arena in Manchester on 26th November. He's then doing a big tour of the US and Germany, including a performance at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Bocelli fans are also eagerly awaiting the release of his book in English. "I like to write. It is my second favourite activity after singing. Through this story I was given an opportunity to express my opinions, to give voice to my values."

Was it a difficult story to write? "The story of my life is one that looks towards serenity. So to me, quite apart from the story of light and darkness of anybody's life, I see my life as an extremely luminous one."

Listen to our exclusive interview with Andrea Bocelli