André Rieu records with Jermaine Jackson?

21 November 2012, 12:06

The King Of The Waltz André Rieu invited Jackson 5 star Jermaine Jackson into his personal studio and has hinted at a possible recording project.

Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson and star of the Jackson 5, was invited by André Rieu to tour the Dutch violinist's studios, where they ended up playing and recording together.

According to Rieu's website, the two played and sang together in the studio, and we can expect some results.

"After guiding him around in his studio, Andre took his violin, Jermaine started singing and Frank played the piano… and the music just took flight! Within ten minutes, the studio was full of new musical ideas! To be continued for sure!!"

Rieu's Twitter feed also hints at some future material: "Jermaine Jackson was in my studio this afternoon. We had so much fun! Are we working together soon?who knows…"

Rieu will be visiting the UK in early December for his forthcoming tour, and cinema screenings of his 'Home For Christmas' show are due to take place on November 24th.