Steve Reich Yamaha

Steve Reich: ‘In my lifetime, classical music has never been so populated with talented people’

Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula: ‘Teaching music was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me’

Trapp family

This wonderful moment from The Sound of Music is the perfect way to remember Charmian Carr and Liesl von Trapp

How musicians deal with nerves

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youth orchestra play elgar in airport

This youth orchestra were stuck overnight in an airport, so they played something truly beautiful

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Dick Van Dyke did an impromptu performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a diner and it’s made us all nostalgic

Petrol pump attendant opera

This petrol pump guy sings Handel surprisingly beautifully

Ivry Gitlis concert at 93

This 93-year-old violinist is proof that music never ages and never leaves you

erhu flight of the bumblebee

This two-string Erhu player is INCREDIBLE at Flight of the Bumblebee

flautist attracts whale

Watch this flautist make a whale come to the surface (and almost knock her over)

Antonio Pappano's tips for young conductors

‘Don’t be satisfied with being a big fish in a small pond’: Antonio Pappano’s 5 tips for musicians

cecilia bartoli long note

Cecilia Bartoli holds this one note for an astonishingly long time (complete with showy crescendos and diminuendos)

floppy disk star wars

Star Wars played on 64 floppy disk drives is surprisingly pleasing

kid playing cheltenham street piano

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What was David Cameron humming?

So what was David Cameron actually humming?

cremaine booker black lives matter tribute

This cellist reacted to recent US shootings in the most beautiful way possible

walking piano animations

This piano uses animated figures to show musical movement, and it’s very beautiful indeed