jonas kaufmann waiting on stage

What do you do when your leading lady misses her cue?

chinese circus swan lake

This is basically the most ridiculously dangerous ballet pas de deux of all time

trombone scooter car

People are using trombones to pretend that they are massive cars and it’s hilarious

naked ballet dancers with drones

Weirdly impressive: naked ballet dancers have their areas covered by drones

gopro piano improvisation

Watch an insanely virtuosic piano improvisation from the pianist’s POV

faked flight of the bumblebee double bass

Professional double bassists can't work out if *that* Flight of the Bumblebee video is fake

Milos Let it Be

Exclusive: watch Milos' moving cover of The Beatles' Let It Be

Gas meter instruments

A piece has been written for instruments made out of old gas meters - and it sounds like Arvo Pärt

Andre rieu video dedications

We asked André Rieu to give his fans some video dedications. Did he pick you?

Child crying scales

This poor kid perfectly sums up the complete terror of learning your scales

ligeti john lewis christmas ad

The John Lewis Christmas advert soundtracked by Ligeti is genuinely unsettling

ice skating singer fail

Watch this singer majestically fail at performing while ice-skating

andrea bocelli aiana grande

Andrea Bocelli duets with Ariana Grande in his new video and it’s quite beautiful

Jane Jones with Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne G

Sir James Galway and Lady Jeanne play Mozart's Rondo alla Turca

Alice Cooper

Rock legend Alice Cooper came in to Classic FM – and we got him to listen to some classical music

John Torode mystery music

We played Stravinsky's Rite of Spring' to celebrity chef John Torode and filmed his reaction

Marin Alsop conducting masterclass women and gestu

Marin Alsop's masterclass: female conductors