Cremaine Booker & Tina Guo - Vivaldi Double Cello

This multi-screen Vivaldi double concerto is exactly what the internet was invented for

Student gets on his mark for world record attempt

Student to run half marathon dressed as a viola in world record attempt

Trevor Pinnock Dido's Lament

We asked an expert to explain why Dido's Lament breaks our heart every single time

"Obsession", Sonata 2 for Solo Violin -Eugene Ysay

We're *obsessed* with this saxophone cover of a 20th century violin sonata

Super mario midi drawing

This Super Mario MIDI drawing takes you on a magical musical adventure

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, two thirds, Cancer R

Vivaldi with a third of the notes missing sounds extremely weird

Amy Harman bassoon YCAT

Mozart’s Sonata for Bassoon and Cello is utterly gorgeous

Sunny Li Liszt Piano Workout

This pianist plays Liszt on four pianos and it's a full-on workout

UCD choral singers irish song

A gorgeous choral arrangement of Irish folk tune ‘Mo Ghille Mear’ (My Gallant Hero)

Star Wars string quartet

This string quartet play the most thrilling version of Star Wars you could imagine

Page turner concerto

This Concerto for Page Turner is breaking down barriers for page turners everywhere

Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

How do you memorise music?

nigel Kennedy

‘I’m thinking of giving up classical music’ – says top violinist Nigel Kennedy

Kitten guitar

This kitten really wants to play Scarlatti

Jennifer Stumm plays Rebecca Clarke

This is one of the greatest pieces ever written – but you’ve probably never heard it

HRH visit to RCM

Prince of Wales presents Royal College of Music with rare Chinese stringed instrument

Leonora d'este daughter of Lucrezia Borgia

Listen to the lost works of Leonora d’Este, daughter of the notorious Lucrezia Borgia