15 stylish classical music and composer face masks

2 October 2020, 12:28

Classical music mask
Classical music mask. Picture: Zorosy.com

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Classical-themed face masks, for safety and fashion conscious musicians.

These are hard times for everyone – especially musicians. And sometimes, it’s the small things that can bring you great joy.

So, while it’s looking like we might be wearing our face masks for a while yet, why not spice yours up with a musical design?

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful face masks for musicians, including ones decorated with rather fetching portraits of Bach, Debussy and Beethoven.

Disclaimer: the following are not medical-grade masks. If you need a medical-grade mask, please visit the NHS website for more information.

  1. Dun-dun-dun-DUUNN.

    For Beethoven 5 lovers
    Beethoven's Fifth. Picture: ArtofDissent/Red Bubble
  2. Unprecedented times, like... 12/7?

    These are difficult times
    These are difficult times. Picture: Customdesign200/Red Bubble
  3. For when you’re playing a Mozart overture, but forget your sheet music...

    The Magic Flute
    The Magic Flute. Picture: Zorosy.com
  4. The one with the treble clef

    Treble clef
    Treble clef. Picture: Jolizette/Etsy
  5. Just pretty musical vibes

  6. Beethoven isn’t happy his year didn’t quite go as expected...

    Beethoven. Picture: furioso/Red Bubble
  7. When you have a piano recital, but there’s a pandemic

  8. When you’re just not in the mood to chat...

    What the...
    What the... Picture: Zorosy.com
  9. Had to pull some strings to find this one

    Guitars. Picture: YvonneGB/Etsy
  10. Looking good, Debussy

  11. Wearing the music, loud and proud.

  12. For Mahler lovers

    For Mahler lovers...
    Mahler mask. Picture: vivalarevolucio/Red Bubble
  13. When you live and breathe Bach.

    Bach mask
    Bach mask. Picture: SUCHDESIGN/Red Bubble
  14. Ah...

    Silence. Picture: twgcrazy/Red Bubble
  15. Stay safe out there.