14 super-stylish classical music and composer face masks

22 July 2020, 17:19

Debussy and treble clef face masks
Debussy and treble clef face masks. Picture: Red Bubble/Etsy

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Beautiful face masks, for safety and fashion-conscious musicians.

With face coverings about to become mandatory in shops in England on 24 July, why not wear yours with a stylish musical design?

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful face masks for musicians, including ones decorated with portraits of Bach, Debussy and Beethoven.

Or if you’d prefer to craft your own version with a different composer, the government website has a whole section on how to fashion a mask at home, using just some cotton fabric and elastic.

Disclaimer: the following are not medical-grade masks. If you need a medical-grade mask, please visit the NHS website for more information.

  1. For Beethoven 5 lovers

    For Beethoven 5 lovers
    Beethoven's Fifth. Picture: ArtofDissent/Red Bubble
  2. Unprecedented times... like 6/5 and 12/7

    These are difficult times
    These are difficult times. Picture: Customdesign200/Red Bubble
  3. The one with the treble clef

    Treble clef
    Treble clef. Picture: Jolizette/Etsy
  4. Beautiful (and breathable)

  5. Because Beethoven 250 didn’t *quite* go as expected...

    Beethoven. Picture: furioso/Red Bubble
  6. When you have a piano recital, but there’s a pandemic

  7. Tooting catto.

    Cat with clarinet
    Cat with clarinet. Picture: elenasloman/Red Bubble
  8. Had to pull some strings to find this one

    Guitars. Picture: YvonneGB/Etsy
  9. Debussy mask

  10. Wearing the music, loud and proud.

  11. For Mahler lovers

    For Mahler lovers...
    Mahler mask. Picture: vivalarevolucio/Red Bubble
  12. When you live and breathe Bach.

    Bach mask
    Bach mask. Picture: SUCHDESIGN/Red Bubble
  13. Ah...

    Silence. Picture: twgcrazy/Red Bubble
  14. Stay safe out there.