These fiendish composer Venn diagram puzzles are brilliant – can you solve them?

27 August 2020, 17:06 | Updated: 27 August 2020, 17:12

Classical venn diagram puzzle
Classical venn diagram puzzle. Picture: Getty

By Kyle Macdonald

Classical music history and ultra-geeky Venn diagrams. This is surely a recipe for fun.

Fancy yourself as a lateral-thinking music history nerd? These Venn diagram-based posers are for you.

Venn diagrams present data sets in circles that overlap for common occurrences. In these puzzles, some inspired classical music fan has turned them into quizzes, in which you guess the matching composers or works.

All you have to do is match the classical work to its proper Venn diagram segment. For example, where would the Fauré Requiem be placed here?

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Classical Venn diagram quiz
Classical Venn diagram quiz. Picture: NJSB / Sporkle

Simple enough, you think? Just you wait...

There are six in total. Click here to play, Click here to play – and do let us know how you score.