15 woodwind player confessions that will make you say ‘same’

28 February 2019, 22:24

15 woodwind player confessions

Snapped another reed, simultaneously cut your tongue on it and rehearsal has now taken an unexpectedly dark turn? Same.

1. When you chip your favourite reed, and you feel completely heartbroken for a solid three days


2. But then, when you find the perfect reed and your life dramatically improves 


3. When winter really, really hates your instrument


4. When rehearsals are just one power nap after another 


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5. When society refuses to understand you

bass clarinet meme


6. When no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the darn thing to stay in tune

out of tune clarinet meme


7. When you reach that point when your instrument is more glamorous than you are


8. When you’re only 8 years old, and you’re just DONE with your instrument


9. When burning your ex-partner’s stuff isn’t your thing, so you burn your old reeds instead


10. When stock photos of ‘woodwind players’ make you die inside 


11. When you have literally no control over your reeds


12. When transposing is the absolute bane of your life

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13. When wood-winding starts to drive you slowly insane


14. When these jokes actually start to make you laugh rather than groan


15. When even after years of school concerts and college recitals, your family have no clue what you do


You still sound fabulous, though.