12 things you’ll only understand if you played violin at school

24 August 2018, 12:24 | Updated: 22 February 2019, 15:36

By Sofia Rizzi

Through the highs and the lows, this screechy wooden box stuck with you through it all. Here are the things you'll only know if you learned violin at school.

  1. The pride of taking your violin home for the first time

    It was a 1/4 size Stentor, wasn't it.

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  2. Putting stickers on your violin

    Let's be honest, this black magic was the only way we could play in tune.

    Stickers. Picture: Amazon
  3. That feeling of making it to Abracadabra Violin Book 2

    This means we're semi-professional now, right?

    Abracadabra. Picture: Amazon
  4. Being jealous of the kids with the colourful violins

    Bright purple, sparkly pink… You know who you are, and yes, we're still jealous.

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  5. The sponge and elastic band shoulder rest

    So squidgy, so comfy. Also: gross.

    Shoulder rest
    Shoulder rest. Picture: Instagram
  6. Being promoted from the sponge to a proper shoulder rest

    Well this isn't comfy at all. Can we have our sponge back?

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  7. The dangers of strings unravelling and loose pegs

    We *never* did this on purpose so our lesson would be shorter.

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  8. Racing to find the only working stand in the music room

    This was pre-orchestra survival of the fittest.

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  9. Trying not to laugh every time your teacher mentioned the G-string

    Borderline impossible.

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  10. Coming in confidently two bars early…

    And having to pretend it wasn't you.

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  11. Finding out about even-numbered positions

    This was a whole new world of confusion. Second position, fourth position? We'll just stick to the good old classics, thanks.

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  12. Hitting people on the bus with your violin case

    “Sorry. Sorry again. Oh, was that your face? Sorry.”

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