13 real-life problems literally every musician will relate to

2 July 2019, 18:28

Real life musician problems
Real life musician problems. Picture: Classic FM

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Being a musician is a daily hardship, and nobody else will ever understand what you go through. We’re here for you.

  1. When the page-turner doesn’t show up to the concert

    Page turner can't make the concert
    Picture: tumorsandmusic.tumblr.com

    Spending 93 per cent of your life taping sheet music together is not a fun hobby.

  2. Playing outside is not ‘special and atmospheric’, it’s ‘cold and impractical’

    😂😫😂😂 Maxwell Quartet at Trondheim kammermusikkfestival

    Posted by Classic FM on Saturday, 30 September 2017

    Wind is your enemy.

  3. None of your friends understand your excellent tastes

    Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
    Picture: @orchestrahumour

    You don’t know what you’re missing out on, guys.

  4. Hashtags are a problem

    Beethoven hashtag
    Picture: N/A
  5. And no one ever gets your hilarious puns

    Czech one too
    Picture: Twitter/ Dad Jokes

    I could write you a Liszt, amirite?

  6. Child prodigies give you anxiety

    They’re everywhere, being incredibly talented with their teeny, tiny hands.

  7. The fear you might never find a date who gets your music taste

    17s music
    Picture: N/A

    Biber > Bieber.

  8. Travelling is never practical

    Cello seat
    Picture: Twitter
  9. You can’t remember the name of any of your favourite pieces

    Kings of Leon album
    Picture: Twitter
  10. Search engines aren’t kind to you

    So rude.

  11. Your neighbours don’t appreciate your talent

    Trombone at 2am
    Picture: Rusty McKinney


  12. Your tiny hands will never, ever be big enough

    Rachmaninov with tiny hands
    Picture: Classic FM

    Shame on you, Rach.

  13. And no one knows the name of your instrument anyway.

    String section
    String section. Picture: N/A