Music geeks are obsessed with this incredible piano-themed merchandise

9 October 2019, 16:07

Piano-themed merchandise
Piano-themed merchandise. Picture: rockinbee

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

These piano-themed trainers contain the keys to my actual heart.

We’ve found a clothes brand that produces piano-themed merchandise, and we would like to buy it all.

Rockinbee, an American clothes site, is selling musical trainers, boho bags, rugs, duvet covers and even a sun shade for your car.

They’re all covered in a 3D-style piano print, and they’re wonderful.

Piano bag and trainers
Piano bag and trainers. Picture: rockinbee
Piano car and rug
Piano car and rug. Picture: rockinbee

“They are major cute,” says one Facebook user. “Might need some minor adjustment – they will augment my wardrobe – will the value be diminished after I wear them?”

Another has replied: “I bet these shoes are really great for melismatic runs. Probably good for chromatic runs too.”

And in case you needed more classical music-themed merch in your life, we did a bit of searching, and found the following.

Some lovely skirts for your next recital

Musical skirt
Musical skirt. Picture:
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And – what we’ve all been waiting for – a dress that contains the alto clef.

Musical dress
Musical dress. Picture: Aliex Press