Two Truths One Lie with the great composers (the game)

How's your musical history knowledge? Can you tell the fact from the fiction? Test your knowledge by playing the game now - simply click on the one fact that you think we've made up...

Can you guess who was crushed by an umbrella stand, which composer became a bit of a weird recluse and who pushed pennies as a bank clerk (or who didn't)? How much do you think you know about the composers behind the music? Play our classical version of Two Truths, One Lie now to find out.

See if you can avoid falling for those commonly held misconceptions and myths, and separate the facts from the fiction. A few of these left our presenters stumped and embarrassed - why don't you have a go and let us know in the comments how you did!

Remember – you're looking for the lie in the three options, not the truth! Make sure you click on the answer you think is not true.