7 conductors who worked tirelessly to bring the polo neck back into fashion

5 November 2014, 16:52 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

This season's fashion trend is the humble polo neck jumper. But who do we have to thank? We salute the conductors who have been holding firm with these ultimate items of smart-casual dress.

David Zinman, going polo 

Proving that a jumper that gently strangles its wearer is the match for any set of white tie and tails. 


The very dapper Vladimir Ashkenazy 

A tireless advocate of the turtle. This one's as elegant as his Chopin.


A wind-swept Andre Previn

What could possibly balance those spectacular flowing locks? It has to be a faintly checked turtle neck.


The impeccable Michael Tilson-Thomas

Very GQ, MTT.


The living-legend that is Neville Marriner

And a white polo neck remains this nonagenarian's staple. 


The open-collar-eschewing Helmut Rilling 

For this legendary German conductor, polo neck and French cuffs go together like Bach and vibrato (in his opinion).


The master of the roll-neck sweater, Leonard Bernstein

Burgundy turtle and harpsichord. A classic combo. 


Leonard Bernstein (again)

Yep, Leonard Bernstein really liked a polo neck.


Boom, Bernstein hat-trick!

Might he be singing a power ballad?


This is getting out of hand

That belt. STOP IT, Lenny.

OK then, one more

Leonard wins. Time to go home, all.


With looks like these, no wonder the turtle neck is leading the fashion world this season

And we now know who to thank.