The most incredible classical music videos

Classical music can inspire and move you, but sometimes there's a moment, or a story which turns the music into something even more profound. Here are some of the most inspirational, surprising and moving classical music videos ever.

A beautiful melody for violin and guitar
The Brazilian duo Epifonia know how to give a beautiful tune the Facebook video treatment - here they are with 'Till There Was You' by Meredith Willson from the 1957 musical The Music Man. Just exquisite. 

Four cellists, one cello: Bolero 
Ravel's orchestral masterpiece and not a snare drum in sight. Yep, just a cello. Enjoy this display of musical and acrobatic precision from the very coordinated Vienna Cello Ensemble...
Wiener Cello Ensemble 5 1 Bolero 1


Posted by Eudes Jansen Freitas on Friday, 18 September 2015

The tenor who had to sing throughout brain surgery

Neurosurgery and artistry powerfully combine in this video. Slovenian opera singer Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne recently underwent surgery for a brain tumor at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. During the operation, surgeons needed to test brain function - so they arranged a piano accompaniment and asked him to sing. Ambrož belts out a song from Schubert's Winterreise. He sounds great too - what an incredible moment.

This woman who sings two notes at once

German singer Anna-Maria Hefele shares the mind-blowing possibilities of overtone singing, where one person sings two notes at the same time (apparently it's possible when the singer sustains a low note while simultaneously singing a high-pitched scale, but we're calling witchcraft on this one). The result is captivating and haunting. We'll let Anna-Maria explain more...

and here's a great visual representation of what's happening harmonically...

This beautifully artistic scrolling score

Good music should paint a picture, and that's just what happens in this scrolling musical sketch. Trees, birds, cars, and the bustle of a city all pass by on the manuscript - all set to a an exquisite waltz for accordion and guitar.


The Queen of the Night's aria - sung upside-down

Because the notes just aren't high enough on their own, this soprano decided to risk life and limb to really smash out this Mozart aria, dangling precariously from the ceiling with only some fancy curtains to protect her. Brave, brave lady (with a fine voice, we might add).

This beautiful Bolero animation

Watch the notes come alive in this video of Ravel's classic. There are crochets serenading quavers, and ascending violin section, and of course a drummer on the snare getting very sore arms. 

The flute-loving butterfly

There was an unexpected star on stage at the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition. A peacock butterfly was clearly attracted by the exquisite music and took an immediate shine to the performer. The flautist was a real pro throughout and didn't miss a note. Brava.

Concert master plays during career-saving brain surgery

Minnesota Orchestra leader Roger Frisch had been diagnosed with a tremor in his right hand which inhibited his ability to bow his violin. Brain surgery did offer potential treatment, but the patient would have to play his instrument throughout. Watch this for an amazing union of science, music and neurosurgery.

The classical sonata, reworked in the style of a Poulenc Novelette (and it's gorgeous)

Mozart in Paris, circa 1923? In this score composer Andrew Baldwin takes the classical composer's famous K.331 keyboard sonata and adds all the melodic richness and harmonic colour of 20th Century French piano music. This is the genius of Wolfgang, but in a beret, necking red wine and reeking of garlic.