These GoPro videos of instruments being played might make you feel queasy

21 November 2014, 16:54 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

What happens when you attach cameras to every conceivable member of the orchestra? Take a glimpse inside the world of a professional musician with these insightful videos.

1. Soloist in Vivaldi's Four Seasons GoPro

This thrilling footage came from a rehearsal in Spain where violin soloist Lara St. John attached a GoPro to her head to show what it's like to conduct and play solo at the same time - the result is extremely exciting. 

2. 24 GoPros in the orchestra 

The Czech Philharmonic perform Richard Strauss's Tod und Verklärung, filmed from 24 angles. The footage was recorded on 24 GoPro cameras positioned on the musicians, instruments and the conductor at the Dvořák Hall in Prague.

3. Kansas Symphony

Need a way to keep your back desk players on the ball? Why not film their every movement with a set of Google Glass? Kansas City Symphony give us an insight into the individual orchestral parts with this innovative video.


4. Trombone GoPro

When you strap a camera to the end of your trombone slide, it can only be good. Especially when you're David Finlayson of the New York Phil. How else would you get such a great view of those eyebrows?

5. BowPro

Ever wondered what it's like being in a professional orchestra? No, literally, IN the orchestra. As they play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Exhausting stuff.

6. Rodeo filmed on a beach

Nothing will provoke job envy more than watching this orchestra playing Copland on the beach as the sun rises. Don't say we didn't warn you..


7. Trombone cam

Lifting the lid on the reality of being a neglected brass player in an orchestra, the first 30 seconds of the video prove that counting your rests isn't exactly riveting stuff… until the trombone part kicks off and you're slap bang in the middle of an orchestra blasting out Pirates of the Carribean. Awesome.


8. Orchestral insights

Who knew it was possible to strap a camera to so many instruments? From fluttering flute moments to hefty double bass notes, this video makes sure you never miss a moment of the orchestral action.

9. The Cello Song

Take a famous cello piece. Multitrack seven other cellos over the top, film it with a GoPro camera, and voila: The Cello Song is born. 12million YouTube viewers can't be wrong.