We got David Suchet to present John Suchet's show and fooled the nation

On April Fool's Day 2015 actor David Suchet was broadcasting to millions across the UK - and he was pretending to be his brother, Classic FM presenter John Suchet. Did you notice?

Meet John Suchet

Former News at Ten host, writer and lover of classical music. From 9am-1pm, John plays the world's greatest music on Classic FM.

classic fm new studio

And now meet David Suchet

Known to millions as Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's famous detective, David's also a smashing Shakespearian actor

David Suchet Poirot

So, we wanted to have some fun and prank all our listeners...

Here are the two brothers David and John Suchet to tell you why:




And on April 1 at 9am the presenter in the studio wasn't John Suchet

It was his brother. He played all his favourite music. He ate all our biscuits.

John Suchet and David Suchet April Fool

And gave you a few clues as to his true identity

Christopher Gunning's music to Poirot?


You started to suspect something was happening

Yes, you started using those little grey cells

We even had a little webcam in the studio
Oh David, you do make us laugh.

There were high fives
Yes, sometimes Mozart is that good...


And then all was revealed



We got you.

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